Statement of Nedelya Pastry Shops

Over 24 years the big family of “Nedelya” is pleased, but also challenged to work on a difficult and dynamic market. Our thousands of satisfied customers all over Bulgaria are used to relating us with quality, good service and correctness. They appreciate the resources and the time that we have invested in our products, service and interiors. In the price of every cake, we include the materials, the work of the confectioners and the transport. The cake is aimed to be consumed at home or in the office and there is no remuneration for the waiters and the bartenders. This is why all of our pastry shops offer the “Service and cake cutting” option. The price of this service pays for the effort of the employees, who will cut the cake, will put it in clean plates, will serve it with a smile, after that will wash the dishes and will clean the tables after the customers are gone. Everyone expects double payments – so do our employees. We have informed of the price of the service at the amount of 15 levs with a text in the menus, the catalogues and on the refrigerated showcases. When buying a cake, the waiter or the bartender points the customer’s attention to the price before marking it. Upon a revision by the Agency for Consumer Protection, there was a protocol issued, which states that there had been no violations established. We stand behind our right to ensure worthy remuneration for the work of our waiters and bartenders. The success of 40 pastry shops in Bulgaria and Romania shows us that a large number of our customers agree with us. We find the attempts of some online media to create sensation on the back of a team of more 400 people, who tirelessly create sweet moments in the daily routine of each customer, unacceptable.
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