„Nedelya“ opened doors in Karlovo!

Now you can find us in the town of Karlovo as well! In the peak of the celebrations for the town fest, we opened our new pastry shop. We are located at the central square and we expect all the citizens of Karlovo to enjoy our irresistible offers. In the pastry shop, you can try the distinctive for the “Nedelya” pastry shops cakes, such as the “White Nedelya”, as well as our seasonal, summer offers – Latte Freddo and Homemade lemonade. You can also buy a cake to go from the pastry shop, as well as to order a cake for a special occasion – birthday, wedding or a company event. We have a cozy garden, which is an excellent choice for the hot days. The interior of the pastry shops is modern and fresh, a great attention has been paid to details, so that you could feel comfortable. Welcome to enjoy the little moments with us! 
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