About us

The history of the “Nedelya” Pastry Shops began on 1 April 1993 when Radoslava and Georgi Minchevi opened a small pastry shop on “Baba Nedeyla” square in the city of Sofia. Initially, there used to be only three employees in the pastry shop and the family of Minchevi used to produce the cakes and to welcome their first customers by themselves.

To this day, the Minchevi Family believe that the handmade production, the high quality products and the fresh cakes are what makes “Nedelya” the favorite pastry shop of the whole country of Bulgaria.




We use only natural products of the highest quality: cream from cow’s milk, fresh butter and eggs, like the old confectionaries In Vienna used to do. We work with the same suppliers for ages and we do not often change them. We buy more expensive raw materials and we do not compromise with quality.




Each one of our cakes is handmade.
 Each one of our cakes is handmade. We bake and cut the cake layers in the morning. We spread whip cream and cream by ourselves. We pour syrup and decorate each one of our cakes by hand. The magic of the confectionary is the handmade production.



Our cakes are not being frozen in neither of the production stages, nor during their storage time. This is the main reason for their fantastic, fresh taste. This is why the expiration period of our cakes is 4 days.

Our qualified master-bakers make each cake with great attention and care for details, in a modernly equipped workshop, which complies with all international standards.

Each “Nedelya” confectionary provides coziness, comfort and satisfaction to the customers, every day. Our customers know that high quality standards and reliability stand for “Nedelya’’. This is why they entrust us with their most important personal and professional events.


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